Gene, a retired teacher, is a professional speaker and children’s author
with 12 published books.

Known by many as the teacher who dances on his desk, Gene’s presentations are entertaining, informative and inspirational. He has presented at 140 schools, and at IRA, teacher, SCBWI, and library conferences, and for libraries and festivals in Wyoming, Colorado, Missouri, South Dakota, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, Texas, and Hawaii.

Gene was the recipient of the IRA’s 2004 Wyoming State Celebrate Literacy Award and the 2001 Arch Coal Teacher Achievement Award.

Gene’s book Dee and the Mammoth illustrated by Zachary Pullen, won the 2010-2011 Wyoming State Historical Society Award for Best Fiction.

Dee and the Mammoth also represented the state of Wyoming at the National Book Festival in Washington, D.C. in 2011.

His other books include C is for Cowboy; Four Wheels West; V is for Venus Flytrap; My Teacher Dances on the Desk (winner of the 2010 Delaware Diamonds Book List Children’s Choice Award); Secret of the Black Widow (a former Wyoming Indian Paintbrush Award nominee); The Magic Box; Falling Stars; Inside the Clown; Little Wyoming and Angel’s Landing.

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