I was asked by someone awhile back what inspires my art and what sort of art I do. I didn’t really know what to say because no one has asked me that before. Here goes. In the past I always tried doing what everyone else did, or mimic other drawings. For a long time I stayed away from the cowboy art because I felt like it was something everyone in Wyoming and Montana did. Oddly enough it has been where I have found my real inspiration. Why would I get inspiration from that though you might ask. Well, it’s how I grew up, a little ranch raised cowgirl, so why wouldn’t I bring to life on paper what I grew up around. I started going through my mom’s pictures and collecting the ones that inspired me most, a lot of them were taken before I was born. I found very old photographs as well of Indians from the Crow Reservation where my mom grew up on a family ranch. As I looked through these photos they held significant meaning to me through heritage and family. Things no one else experienced except my family and things I knew no one else would paint or recreate on paper. What I have is unique. Unique to me and to everyone around me. I can take a photo and reinterpret it on paper to share with the world of a life long in the past, a life that few have a chance to experience, a life I grew up with that I can share with everyone through my work.

Greybull, Wyoming